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Detailed packing list for your Safari


01.  Hunting boots, already broken in NOT NEW
02.  Fanny pack or backpack to carry cameras, daily items you will use out in the field.
03.  Comfortable camp or tennis shoes.
04.  Socks – 4 pair.
05.  Underwear – 4 pair.
06.  Hunting shorts – 2 pair  – Camo is okay, as are dull colors such as khaki or olive.
07.  Medium weight hunting jacket.
08.  Long sleeve hunting shirts – 2 each.
09. Short sleeve hunting shirts – 2 each.
10. Rain jacket.
11. Hunting hat – I prefer baseball style but, whatever is comfortable.
12. Pajamas.
13. Traveling clothes – 1 pair.
14. Leather gloves – 1 pair – Take at least 1 pair of working gloves.
15. A good pair of sunglasses.
16. Personal toiletries / shaving kit.
17. Tweezers – lots of thorns in Africa!
18. Insect repellent – bugs are not a problem, but a small can is good insurance.
19. Lip balm – very important!
20. Visine eye drops.
21. Sun block.
22. Sinus medication.
23. Dramamine – This is suggested if you are prone to car or air sickness.
24. Lotion.
25. Small flashlight.
26. Small talcum powder.
27. Malaria tablets - please visit your local Doctor for the best advice.

Trave documents 


1. Current Passport.
2. Tickets & reservations – Read reservation instructions such as early confirmation times
check-in and departure times CAREFULLY!
3. Cash or credit card for trophy fees/safari cost. (Final bill to be settled in cash or credit card on the last day of the hunt)

No exceptions will be made what so ever



No immunization is required when entering into South Africa.

Inoculation against Yellow Fever might be required for visitors from some African countries. Please enquire from your Professional Hunter.

Hepatitis A: the CDC recommends this vaccine because you can get Hepatitis A through contaminated food or water in South Africa, regardless of where you are eating or staying.



Please consult your local doctor. We are born and raised in South Africa and have never taken malaria medication, which is not to say we have no malaria but through the last 2 decades we’ve had clients saying they will never take malaria medication again because it makes them feel drowsy and they have returned year after year without it. Please take note that we will take no responsibility if you decide not to take the medication.


Standard strømkilde er 220V.  Wild Game Safaris vil forsyne dig med en konverter til at oplade dit kamera og enheder.

Shooting equipment 


*NOTE:  Please check with airlines on requirements for traveling with firearms!
2. Ammunition at least 40 rounds per rifle.
3. Binoculars, at least 8X or 10X – not the tiny compact models.
4. Ear plugs –  for sighting in your gun.
5. Gun cleaner – 1 can.
6. Hard gun case that will lock, with your name and address on it.
7. Soft case - for travelling between concessions - legal requirement
8. Please note that no Automatic or Semi-Automatic rifle may be imported to South Africa.
9. Please note no 2 rifles of the same caliber per client may be imported to South Africa.

Additional items recommended 

1. Good  camera
2. Extra battery and chargers for camera

3. Video camera with charger if required
4. Good supply of reading material.
5. Pocket knife. 

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NB.....Undgå for enhver pris at flyve med United eller Lufthansa

Vi anbefaler stærkt at bruge et rejsebureau, når du bestiller fly.

LBG Safaris anbefaler Jennifer Ginn hos Travel Express til at bestille flyrejser

1+ (406) 381-6582

Rhino Hunt
Discount Africa Hunt

Taknemmelighed / Tips

Dette er kun en retningslinje, men det er stadig din egen beslutning.

Hver klient vil have sin egen professionelle jæger, tracker, skinner, kok og +/- 4 lejrpersonale.

  • PH – Mellem US$50 – US$200 per person per dag

  • Tracker, Skinner & Cook – Mellem US$20 – US$50 per person per dag

  • Lejrpersonale – Mellem US$5 – US$20 per person per dag


17 - 35


63 - 95


dec - feb

Eland Hunt
Rhino Hunt

Prime times for hunting in Africa

Rifle hunting plains game and buffalo: March to November

Bow Hunting plains game and buffalo: June to October 

Rifle hunting plains game and buffalo: March to November

Hunting of cull animals: May to August 

Tiny ten and Night critters: May to October


16 - 27


59 - 81


Mar - maj


8 - 20


46 - 68


jun - aug


17 - 35


63 - 95


sep - nov

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