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About hunting in Mozambique

Mozambique is a country in south-east Africa, a former Portuguese colony. Mozambique became an independent state since 1975.


This beautiful country is located on the Indian Ocean coast, opposite the island of Madagascar.

Hunting areas occupy a significant part of the territory of country.

After years of civil war and internal strife Mozambique is open for trophy hunters, and other adventurers.

Hunting in Mozambique is real adventure, just imagine kilometers of open space and you have to look for a prey, to stalk, to fight.

The fauna of the country is very rich. Mozambique is a home to a diversity of game.


Limpopo Big Game Safaris operate in two main areas of Mozambique namely 

The Lower Zambezi in the North West and Mauguia in the North.

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Crocodile LBG Safaris

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