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Limpopo Big Game Safaris

Your home to affordable hunting in Africa


---  Your African adventure starts here ---

Whether it’s the Big Game that calls you to Africa, or the vast variety of plains game species.

Limpopo Big Game Safaris offers tailor made hunting adventures in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

We offer all of the Big 5 - 28 species of Plains Game - the Tiny Ten as well as 14 Nocturnal species  in a variety of habitat stretching across Southern Africa 

Limpopo Big Game Safari works on a theory of sustainable Game utilization, our areas all follow this in practice which enables us to take excellent record book trophies year after year


Over 47 species of game animals to hunt in various locations all over Southern Africa 

spanning over 4,5 million acres total.

Limpopo Big Game Safaris  is your family-friendly, safe getaway in Africa. 


Trusted experts who are passionate about conservation and service, you'll see why our guests come back to hunt again and again!

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The company is owned by Professional hunter, Bossie Mostert and his wife Elizna Mostert.

At Limpopo Big Game Safaris we strive to give a top quality service and hunting experience to our hunters and guests.

Whatever your needs are, be sure that Limpopo Big Game Safaris will make your Safari our top priority.

Hunting is conducted in different hunting areas, which vary from open grassland, mountains, forests and dense bush areas. South Africa is prime Plains Game as well as Dangerous Game hunting destination. With most hunting being conducted in the Limpopo Province,  giving you the opportunity to hunt species like  Impala, Blue Wildebeest, Kudu, Gemsbok, Sable, Roan, Blue Wildebeest and Zebra. Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Hippo, Crocodile and Elephant are hunted on carefully selected concessions.

All our hunting is done on Private or Government land not smaller than 2’500ha and with some areas as large as 160’000ha we can offer you the real African experience you dreamed of.

Most of the Hunting is done in South Africa. Although we also offer custom designed Hunting Safaris in Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia Zambia and Zimbabwe

Whether it’s Plains Game or Dangerous Game, we cater for you, in your desired way of Hunting .


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At Limpopo Big Game Safaris, we go to great lengths and leave no stone un-turned, imprinting a memorable and adventurous journey.

Africa is home to a wide diversity of wildlife, Fauna and Flora and waking up in Africa to the distinctive scent of savanna and bush, hunting incredible game species in the most amazing surroundings is something any enthusiast hunter should experience. 

The diversity of African game is overwhelming. 

During your Hunting Safari you will be guided by Professional Hunter and Outfitter Bossie Mostert, our staff are all handpicked from the very best there is. 

Our Professional hunters are carefully selected to ensure the best skills and knowledge to guide groups and extra hunters.

Limpopo Big Game Safaris offer a variety of hunting options like, Rifle Hunting or Bow Hunting for Dangerous Game, Plains Game, Tiny 10, as well as Small predator hunts.

For our Non-Hunting companions, we offer trips to the world renowned Kruger National Park, Elephant rides and for those who seek an adrenaline rush we offer Zip-lining, Horse back ridging and Tiger Fishing.

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Review - Ron "Buffalo hunt"

Every part of this hunt was excellent. As a first time hunter to Africa I did not know what to expect.

From the point I was met at the airport to my return everything was amazing. I have had the best time of my life with LBG Safaris. These guys are the real deal. 

Review - John "Plains Game hunt" Bossie is very professional and goes above and beyond. What I have experienced is that Bossie knew the animals movement and patterns very well. The food is phenomenal and tasty, I ate everything I shot and that's the best part of my experience. The accommodation were more than I expected . Bossie speaks all of the areas tribal dialects. That helps a lot hunting in ZA. Bossie has the best trackers I have ever seen. I went to hunt and bring home a few trophies and I did. However, I left South Africa with something better, a life long friendship with Bossie and his family. Bossie is the best.

Review - Jeff "Bow hunt" Personal attention to my hunt was outstanding. Variety and numbers of game was great. Food and lodging excellent! Bossie and his team is absolutely great. Bossie is well respected in the community and very well known. I didn't meet a single person that didn't talk anything but good of him.

Choose Limpopo Big Game Safaris for our next African adventure 

Review - "Henry" I have been on 8 Safaris in 6 years, the hunt with Bossie was without a doubt the best experience I had ever had. Bossie works hard for his clients and he walks the extra mile. Not only did he deliver a Top quality service, the after service dealing with Taxidermy is unheard off. I will highly recommend Bossie to anyone. Needless to say I have already put my deposit down for the next hunt. 

Review - "Mike" Bossie Mostert your workforce is top notch, what a phenomenal outfit. We are absolutely pleased with our Safari. I have been to Africa four times and never have I seen anyone that treats his staff better than you. You are truly a well respected man and your kindness towards others shines all over.

Review - "Henry" I have been on 8 Safaris in 6 years, the hunt with Bossie was without a doubt the best experience I had ever had. Bossie works hard for his clients and he walks the extra mile. Not only did he deliver a Top quality service, the after service dealing with Taxidermy is unheard off. I will highly recommend Bossie to anyone. Needless to say I have already put my deposit down for the next hunt. 

Review - Michael "Rhino hunt" Everything was top notch, plus an unbelievable hunt and experience with Bossie Mostert. Five star service from the start to the end. I have heard many stories of Rhino hunting being like shooting a cow......not with worked hard for me and I am extremally pleased with my trophy. If ever I could come back to Africa again it would be to LBG Safaris...… unfortunately the years have caught up with me.

Review - "Simon" Bossie the way you treat your staff is outstanding. Never have I seen a man respected as you. 

I could not have asked for a better Ph and Outfitter to hunt with. The amount of game I have seen is mind blowing

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Capture your memories on film

For a lifetime of memories, capture your adventure on film. Contact Hunting-Africa HDVproductions at : +27824568918 25 years of Safari filming experience


1. The service of a licensed Professional Hunter
2. The service of trained trackers
3. The service of trained skinners
4. Hunting vehicle
5. Field preparation of trophies
6. Accommodation, Meals, soft drinks, bottled water as well as
    beer and wine in moderation
7. Daily laundry service



1. All air travel before and after the contracted period if the safari
2. Accommodation and travel charges incurred before and after the contracted period of the safari
3. Transfer by road from JHB International Airports to camp
4. Trophy Fees for animals taken or wounded
5. All air charters
6. Preparation, packing, documentation and export of trophies


Your archery BIG GAME hunting specialist 

Are you as serious as we are about Big Game Hunting with archery equipment?


Limpopo Big Game Safaris has the knowledge, experience and areas to for fill all your Big Game archery requirements.


With experience in hunting Buffalo - Lion - Leopard -Hippo - Crocodile and Elephant there is no need to search any further.



Hunting Packages: Best Sellers

Our Best Sellers are our 5 to 10 day hunts.

Each of these hunting packages can be tailored to your specific requirements, whether you are a beginner or an experienced hunter.

Note: All hunts can be extended:

  • 1 on 1 @ $350 per day

  • 2 on 1 @ $300 per day

  • Observer @ $180

Buffalo package

$ 9500.00

5 Days

1 x Buffalo bull 

Spiral slam

$ 9500.00

10 Days

1 x Eland

1 x Kudu

1 x Nyala

1 x Bushbuck 

Limpopo PG hunt

$ 9500.00

10 Days

1 x Impala

1 x Blue Wildebeest

1 x Kudu

1 x Zebra

1 x Gemsbok

1 x Blesbok

1 x Duiker

1 x Baboon

Book your hunt

Thank you for your message we will reply ASAP

If you have not received a reply within 24hour 

please send an email to

Kudu and Roan

$ 6800.00

5 Days

1 x Kudu

1 x Roan

7 Day Night hunt

$ 5550.00

7 Days

1 x Serval

1 x Genet

1 x African Wild Cat

1 x White tailed mongoose

Limpopo Big Game Safaris

Contact Details



MOBILE : (+27) 0711 528 411

WHATSAPP : (+27) 0711 528 411




South Africa

Limpopo hunt

$ 4800.00

7 Days

1 x Blue Wildebeest

1 x Gemsbok

1 x Blesbok

1 x Impala 

Bow hunt

$ 5200.00

7 Days

1 x Waterbuck

1 x Zebra

1 x Warthog

1 x Impala

1 x Baboon

7 Day Duiker hunt

$ 3780.00

7 Days

1 x Common Duiker

1 x Red Duiker

10 Day Tiny 10

$ 8300.00

10 Days

1 x Common Duiker

1 x Red Duiker

1 x Steenbok

1 x Klipspringer

1 x Sharpe's Grysbok

Buffalo cow cull hunt special 2023 only

5 Day Accommodation @ $350.00 per day

7 Day Accommodation @ $320.00 per day

10 Day Accommodation @ $300.00 per day

1st Buffalo cow = $1800.00

2nd Buffalo cow = $1700.00

3rd Buffalo cow = $1600.00

© Limpopo Big Game Safaris  - All Rights Reserved

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