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Welcome to Limpopo Big Game Safaris

Whether it’s the Big Game that calls you to Africa, or the vast variety of plains game species.

Limpopo Big Game Safaris offers tailor made hunting adventures in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

We offer all of the Big 5 - 28 species of Plains Game - the Tiny Ten as well as 14 Nocturnal species  in a variety of habitat stretching across Southern Africa 

Limpopo Big Game Safari works on a theory of sustainable Game utilization, our areas all follow this in practice which enables us to take excellent record book trophies year after year

Your African adventure starts here.

Limpopo Big Game Safaris is your home to affordable hunting in Africa

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With over 47 species of game animals to hunt in various locations all over Southern Africa  spanning over 4,5 million acres total we are in the unique position to offer you the adventure of a lifetime.

Limpopo Big Game Safaris  is your family-friendly, safe getaway in Africa. 

Trusted experts who are passionate about conservation and service, you'll see why our guests come back to hunt again and again!

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At Limpopo Big Game Safaris, we go to great lengths and leave no stone un-turned, imprinting a memorable and adventurous journey.

Africa is home to a wide diversity of wildlife, Fauna and Flora and waking up in Africa to the distinctive scent of savanna and bush, hunting incredible game species in the most amazing surroundings is something any enthusiast hunter should experience. 

The diversity of African game is overwhelming. 


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During your Hunting Safari you will be guided by Professional Hunter and Outfitter Bossie Mostert, our staff are all handpicked from the very best there is. 

Our Professional hunters are carefully selected to ensure the best skills and knowledge to guide groups and extra hunters.

Limpopo Big Game Safaris offer a variety of hunting options like, Rifle Hunting or Bow Hunting for Dangerous Game, Plains Game, Tiny 10, as well as Small predator hunts.

For our Non-Hunting companions, we offer trips to the world renowned Kruger National Park, Elephant rides and for those who seek an adrenaline rush we offer Zip-lining, Horse back ridging and Tiger Fishing.

Choose Limpopo Big Game Safaris for your next African adventure 

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Giving back


Do you need a donation for your SCI - DSC chapter or any other hunting organization's fundraiser? 

Contact Us now, we would love to help you out.

Escape into the untamed wilds of Africa

Limpopo Big Game Safari's headquarters is situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

We are proud to offer you the best in trophy hunting, service, and conservation.

Everyone at Limpopo Big Game Safaris is ready to help make your time with us memorable.

 90 % guest return rate

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